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Slimline Single-Phase Reservoir Sampler

HPHT-rated system for monophasic sample retrieval

at rig site running Quartet into the hole

Collect contaminant-free, representative, single-phase samples

The slimline single-phase reservoir fluid sampler (SLS) is an advanced HPHT-rated subsurface sampling system that ensures that the sample remains in single-phase condition and above reservoir pressure as the tool is retrieved from the well. The optional high-shrinkage chamber (HSC) further reinforces recovery performance for highly compressible sample fluids. Single-phase technology provides truly representative samples and is essential for measurements requiring samples in unaltered conditions, such as pressurized pH measurements in formation water or asphaltene deposition analysis in oil.

Complementary combination saves time

The SLS is run in SCAR inline independent reservoir fluid sampling operations with the downhole test string during well testing. This combination obtains high-quality PVT samples in operations where running wireline is not cost-effective or practical. Up to 10 SLS tools can be operated in the SCAR sampling system. By eliminating the need for wireline intervention, SCAR sampling provides potential rig-time savings of 8 to 24 h during an offshore bottomhole sampling project.

Recombination eliminated

The SLS enables controlled, uncontaminated reservoir sampling without sample flashing. The unaltered sample is retrieved at surface in single-phase state, requiring no recombination before transfer. Because recombination is eliminated, sample transfer takes minutes instead of hours.

Single-Phase Reservoir Sampler