Wireless-Enabled Downhole Tools Aid Deepwater Well Test | Schlumberger
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West Africa, Angola, Africa, Offshore
Mark Ratchinsky, Andy Sooklal, and Carl Walden, Maersk Oil; Marcelo Gandra Braz and Ifeanyi Nwagbogu, Schlumberger
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Wireless-Enabled Downhole Tools Aid Deepwater Well Test

Measurements allow engineers to make decisions in real time

In the high-risk, high-cost frontier of deepwater exploration, E&P companies rely on reservoir testing to understand key parameters, such as pressure and temperature, to make informed decisions about well deliverability. Wireless-enabled testing tools that deliver accurate, real-time downhole information can optimize decision-making and reduce risks and rig costs.

In West Africa, Quartet downhole reservoir testing system enabled by wireless telemetry helped a major operator conduct a reservoir test in a challenging deepwater environment. With the deployment of the IRDV intelligent remote dual valve, the operator was able to efficiently shut in downhole and displace fluids into the wellbore as required, and the SCAR inline independent reservoir fluid sampling system captured representative fluid samples. The system generated data to determine key reservoir properties in a single run, saving 28 hours of rig time.

Wireless-Enabled Downhole Tools Aid Deepwater Well Test

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