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Intelligent remote dual valve

IRDV intelligent remote dual valve

Multicycle, independent dual-valve command and control

The IRDV intelligent remote dual valve tool gives you independent command of both a testing valve and a circulating valve. Operated by the IRIS intelligent remote implementation system, both valves are immune to downhole pressure and temperature fluctuations for highly reliable performance.

The nitrogen-free, hydrostatically powered testing and circulating valves are cycled using low-pressure annular pulses without interfering with the operation of other tools in your test string.

Run the IRDV dual valve as part of the Quartet downhole reservoir testing system for an altogether better reservoir testing performance.

IRDV intelligent remote dual valve

Two independently operated fullbore valves in one tool means you are always in control during testing.

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Conduct the Ultimate Performance

Symphony live downhole reservoir testing enables real-time operational control of the downhole testing toolstring to improve safety and efficiency. United by Muzic wireless telemetry, the Symphony testing toolstring is customized for the test objectives to position, isolate, connect, measure, control, sample, select and profile the reservoir—providing a better reservoir understanding and reducing field development planning uncertainty.

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