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Signature CQG

Crystal quartz gauge

Signature Quartz Gauges

Highest-resolution, most-accurate pressure measurements available

You’ll get market-leading, consistently accurate pressure measurements with the Signature CQG crystal quartz gauge. By measuring pressure and temperature at a single point with a single quartz crystal, the Signature CQG gauge significantly reduces thermal effects. Small residual effects are further minimized with real-time dynamic compensation. This unique capability also speeds pressure response to truly capture dynamic downhole conditions.

proprietary ceramic electronics technology
The Signature CQG gauge measures pressure and temperature simultaneously within the same crystal in a single quartz transducer. This eliminates temperature lags and discrepancies that can result from thermal response.

Same-point pressure and temperature measurement for measurably better results

computer monitor to identify finer reservoir features and more accurately characterize the reservoir

Ultimate measurement stability

The Signature CQG gauge's dual-mode sensor and highly accurate clock deliver long-term pressure measurement with only minimal drift. This stability and industry-leading resolution mean you'll measure farther into the reservoir and clearly detect boundaries.

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Wireless delivery for real-time pressure data

Run Signature gauges with the Quartet downhole reservoir testing system for high-frequency measurement. Signature gauges can be enabled by Muzic wireless telemetry to deliver pressure measurements in real time for detailed monitoring of test progress downhole. Each gauge can be interrogated independently for real-time or historical pressure or temperature data.

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Signature CQG
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