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Losseal Max

Lost circulation control treatment

Losseal Max lost circulation control treatment.

Losseal Max™ lost circulation control treatment mitigates severe to total losses by sealing fractures up to 0.4 in [10 mm]. The Losseal Max treatment solids and fibers are delivered into the reservoir with a pill designed for easy mixing and preparation to reduce downtime at the wellsite.

  • Lost circulation situations with moderate, severe, or total losses
  • Natural or induced fractures
  • Land and offshore drilling and cementing
  • Losses in reservoir section


  • Cures losses without the use of cement plugs
  • Reduces flat time during drilling operations
  • Saves costs by reducing volume of lost drilling fluid and cement
  • Reduces environmental footprint of well construction by reducing the drilling fluid volume lost to the formation
  • Strengthens formation in advance of cementing
  • Minimizes impact to well production and surface equipment
  • Up to 96% degradable and acid-soluble in 15% hydrochloric acid
  • Pumpable through bypass sub on drilling bottomhole assembly (BHA)
  • Blend of particulates and reinforcing fibers
  • Delivered as a pill for batch mixing with the carrier fluid to ensure correct ratio of components

Losseal Max lost circulation control treatment is developed for well sections with moderate, severe, or total circulation losses. Fractures up to 0.4 in [10 mm] wide can be sealed by this engineered combination treatment, which creates a network of fibers and plugs the network with a high solids concentration. Optimized solid particle selection and size distribution result in rapid delivery of the solids for maximized plugging efficiency. Losseal Max treatment can be used on land or offshore rigs and can be pumped through open-ended drillpipe or through a bypass sub on the BHA to eliminate trip time and reduce nonproductive time (NPT). Because the Losseal Max treatment is degradable and highly acid-soluble, it minimizes damage to the formation and impact to the surface production equipment.

10-mm slot plugged with Losseal Max treatment and a squeezed pill containing fibers and solids.
Losseal Max treatment plugs a 10-mm slot (left) and forms a compacted pill after a squeeze procedure (right).