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Artificial intelligence for the energy industry

 DELFI Cognitive E&P Environment

We're putting unlimited possibilities at your fingertips.

The Delfi digital platform is enriched with powerful artificial intelligence (AI) and industry-leading analytics. This is the first step in empowering you with a broad range of cognitive capabilities, in time we will go further than AI—there’s much more to come soon.

Applications with cognitive capabilities are embedded with the Delfi platform. This is full stack artificial intelligence (AI) covering the entire E&P life cycle from exploration, to development, production and midstream. Our AI software solutions are centered around taking your reservoir performance to the next level—and it’s usable by everyone within your organization.

AI in the Delfi platform is built on three pillars:


Reduce uncertainty, predict and define outcomes, automate complex processes, and optimize your experts’ time.

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AI joins the dots between data and revenue
E&P produces a tsunami of data that’s growing every day—even our best teams would take many years to analyze it all. Artificial intelligence in oil and gas enables us to process every piece of data in moments. With automated data analytics and machine learning in your workflows, you will quickly see patterns in your data pointing to multiple opportunities for performance improvement.

Your brilliant minds enhanced by AI
Through our easy to develop AI suite, limitless innovation is in the hands of the most powerful force you’ve got: your people. Brilliant minds have limitless inspiration. They’re already working on the challenges—sustainability, reduced uncertainty, continuous performance improvement—AI can help find the answers faster.

With democratized AI in oil and gas, your brilliant minds are empowered to deliver brilliant solutions.

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The way our industry accesses data has changed. Today, we can do so much more to extract its true value. SLB has combined industry-leading digital innovation with over 90 years of domain expertise to create data and AI solutions that transform the way you work.

Delfi digital platform
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