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Conventional Sample Bottle

Sample, transport, and store oil, condensate, and water PVT samples

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HPHT-rated cylinder for routine PVT and compositional analysis

The conventional sample bottle is used for the transfer of samples from a downhole reservoir fluid sampler or from the wellhead and well test separator during production testing. Oil or condensate samples transported and stored in the bottle are depressurized to below the bubblepoint to create a natural gas cap for safer shipping. The samples are subsequently restored to pressure and temperature in the laboratory for routine PVT analysis.

The bottle design enables controlled, uncontaminated PVT sampling and transfer without sample flashing. The valves are incorporated into the end caps and are equipped with a nonrotating valve tip for repeatable low-torque, high-pressure sealing. This means you can operate the valves without removing the protective caps for improved safety. Minimal dead volume—less than 0.5% of the sample volume—is provided by the inset valves, matching pistons, and agitation ring mixers.

Recognized reliability

  • US DOT, Transport Canada, Transportable Pressure Equipment Directive (TPED) approved
  • Design to NACE Materials Standard MR0175
  • Certifying authority: Bureau Veritas and Authorized Testing, Inc.
Conventional Sample Bottle

Sampling and transfer without flashing for representative fluid analysis.