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Well test separator

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Accurate effluent measurement without slowing separation

For seamless use from cleanup through the end of the well test, the CleanPhase well test separator accommodates the most challenging well effluents to provide efficient inline separation for your entire job.

The ability to open the well directly into the separator during cleanup operations enables identifying reservoir fluids sooner. Shorter cleanup times get you to well testing sooner, which improves safety and reduces risk.

Continuous flow rate data are captured by highly accurate Coriolis meters for each of the three separated phases.

You can operate the CleanPhase separator as a stand-alone unit or in combination with PhaseTester portable multiphase well testing equipment.

CleanPhase Well Test Separator

The better your phase separation, the better your flow rate measurements.

CleanPhase Well Test Separator with SmartWeir technology
SmartWeir technology allows optimizing the retention times of the various phases, improving separation efficiency and reducing the risk of disposing of unseparated fluids.

Bringing automated efficiency to separation

No matter the flow conditions, including high water cut and high flow rate, SmartWeir phase separation technology pinpoints the phase levels with radar to immediately optimize retention times and improve separator performance.

Accumulated solids are automatically removed to further improve cleanup efficiency.