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Modular Compact Well Test System

Achieve your well test objectives with a minimized footprint

Modular Compact Well Test System

Maximized results with minimized rig-up time and rig space

When rig space is critical, our modular compact well test system achieves your test objectives by delivering reliable, repeatable results—with 50% less rig-up time and 40% less deck space.

The system’s design enables quick positioning, minimized flowlines and connections, and reduced manual handling to optimize efficiency without affecting test quality.

Modular compact well test system footprint
Modular compact well test system optimized packaging

Compact system doesn’t skimp on storage, pump, and burner capacities

Optimized packaging and an innovative, DNV 2.71–approved interlocking clamp system improve flexibility, positioning, and equipment stacking for faster rig-up that can be completed independent of the ongoing drilling process.

Although the system is compact, its robust design and large surge tanks provide 320-bbl storage capacity to handle extended- and long-duration well tests, even on complex deepwater jobs. The tanks are fitted with a heat tracer rated up to 176 degF [80 degC], suitable for heavy oil operations.

Pump capacity is no slouch either at 4,000 bbl/d. When run in parallel with the backup, burning capacity reaches 8,000 bbl/d.

Modular Compact Well Test System
Simplified sea fastening with optimized packaging and a state-of-the-art locking system.

A wide variety of configurations to fit your available space

To satisfy rig requirements and achieve your test objectives, the adaptable design of the modular compact well test system can be used in a wide variety of configurations.

The bottom right image shows the integration of ClearPhase mobile testing discharge treatment equipment to enable compliant water disposal at sea.

Modular compact well test system configurations