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Vertical Surge Tank

Store liquid hydrocarbons after separation

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Measure and store liquid hydrocarbons

The vertical storage tank (VST) is an H2S service vessel for storing liquid hydrocarbons after separation. The VST is used to measure liquid flow rates and the combined shrinkage and meter factor. Additional capabilities are as a second-stage separator and to hold a constant backpressure by using its automatic pressure control valve on the gas outlet.

Single- or dual-compartment versatility

The VST can be a single- or double-compartment vessel with a sight-glass or magnetic level-measuring system. The dual-compartment VST enables emptying one tank compartment while filling the other.

To prevent overpressure and overfilling, the VST is fitted with a pressure-relief valve and high- and low-level alarm system. Additional fittings are a diverter, vortex breaker, and stiffening rings that can withstand a vacuum in the vessel. Sampling, pressure, and temperature ports and a bypass manifold are included.

All VSTs are shock protected by a frame, with the latest models designed to DNV Standard 2.7-1. Operated in a vertical position, VSTs are transported in a horizontal position.

Vertical Surge Tank