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Well Testing Control Equipment

Advanced control options to reduce risk

well testing control equipment

Reliably control your well fluids during testing

Surface well testing control equipment is essential to assuring that your test operations are accurate as well as responsive when faced with an emergency. Our portfolio of well control equipment helps you react to and handle events effectively and quickly across a wide range of pressure ratings and in any operating environment.

Well Test Emergency Shutdown System (ESD)
Safety redundancy of remote control stations for valve closure.

Multifunction flowheads to control flow with surface pressure barriers

For electric line and slickline operations, the flowhead supports the test string from the elevator and provides a means of surface well control during completions, testing, or live well intervention operations. A dynamic swivel can be added to allow the test string to rotate without rotating the flowhead and to prevent rig movement from transferring torque into the riser or landing string.

The flow of wellbore fluids is controlled through the master and two wing valves connected to the kill and flow manifolds.

Tools can be introduced and run into the well through the swab valve.

Surface safety valve for immediate well closure

The hydraulically actuated fail-safe gate valve is used when testing oil and gas wells with high flow rates, high wellhead pressures, or the presence of H2S.

An emergency shutdown device (ESD) is used to operate the surface safety valve (SSV), which reduces the possibility of personnel exposure and risk to the environment.

Surface safety valve
Surface safety valve.
Well test ESD system
Well test ESD system.

Well test emergency shutdown system for simultaneous, remote control

An ESD and a minimum of two remote control stations are recommended for all well test operations.

During operations, the ESD controls the hydraulically operated flowline valve on the flowhead and the surface safety valve for manual or remote closure in response to a pipe leak or break, equipment malfunction, fire, or similar emergency.

Floor choke manifold to control flow rates and reduce well pressure prior to processing

Consisting of four manual valves (five if a bypass valve is included), the floor choke manifold provides reliable shut-in as needed. The dual flow paths enable fast choke changes without interrupting the flow.

Floor choke manifold
Floor choke manifold.