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Diligens SEP

Mobile production testing unit

Diligens SEP Mobile production testing unit

Mobile three-phase separator for effective effluent handling

The Diligens SEP mobile production testing unit efficiently receives and handles effluents to support workover operations during the well cleanout phase.

Fitted on a trailer, the unit comprises a surface safety valve, choke manifold, emergency shutdown (ESD) system, and three-phase separator. Its compact modular design enables fast rig-up without needing an onsite crane.

The inlet is connected directly to the wellhead, and the outlets can be recombined to flow back to production, or the separated fluids can be treated, stored, or disposed individually.

Accurate flow data for production profiling and forecasting is collected with an orifice meter for the gas rate measurement and turbine meters for liquid measurement.

Diligens Sep mobile production testing unit

Combines on a single trailer with the Diligens Spectra unit to provide separation for flowing back and testing multiple wells in a day.

Mobile production testing