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Manage the flare distance from the rig

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Reduce heat radiation and fire risk

The modular U-boom provides access to the burner and supports the pipes laterally positioned on the boom sides for supplying air, water, oil, and propane. Typically consisting of two sections that extend approximately 60 ft, the boom can add an intermediate section to reach about 85 ft as needed to keep the flare away from the rig structure.

Maintaining the proper flare distance both reduces heat radiation onto the platform or drillship and protects personnel. Two booms are typically installed on opposite sides of a platform or ship to maintain burner safety in changing wind directions.

EverGreen minimal environmental impact well effluent burner

Precision positioning of boom and burner

The U-boom is mounted on the rig with a rotating base plate and guy lines. Horizontal guy lines help orient the boom; vertical guy lines, which are fixed to the rig’s main structure, support the boom. The rotating base enables horizontal and vertical positioning of the boom and burner. The boom is positioned slightly above horizontal so that any oil left in the piping after flaring operations does not leak out.