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Automated well testing

Well testing reinvented with the fully automated well testing platform

Model of automated well control module.

Automated well testing

Automated well testing goes beyond conventional remote control and monitoring to deliver a fully autonomous solution. Combining SLB domain expertise and connected, intelligent systems enables automated and autonomous operations for a range of environments, job types, and well parameters. Components can be controlled remotely, or the entire process can be set up to run without any manual intervention. This option significantly increases the efficiency, consistency, and safety of all well testing and flowback operations, reducing the impact of human intervention, removing personnel from high-risk environments, and, furthermore, reducing your carbon footprint.

A lean crew reduces personnel at the wellsite and associated commutes and, therefore, diminishes the environmental impact and HSE risk while still maintaining excellent service quality and data delivery. Additionally, a faster cleanup, less sampling, and reduced required maintenance lowers fugitive emissions and improves overall efficiency.

Automated Well Testing Trailer
Trailer enables fully autonomous well testing operations in diverse environments

Automated well testing trailer

The automated well testing trailer (AWTT-AA) is a fully automated, purpose-built mobile well testing platform for deployment in both onshore and offshore environments. Featuring a surface safety valve, electrical emergency shutdown (EESD), choke manifold, and separator—all with flanged connections—the trailer can be used for a diverse range of operations. By comprising two subsystems, it is easily deployed in a variety of conditions, either as a single unit or independent sections. The entire unit runs autonomously as a stand-alone unit or in conjunction with additional surface well testing equipment.

Automated well control module

The automated well control module (AWCM-AA) controls the well using a set of electrically actuated adjustable choke and gate valves. Additionally, the module hosts a compact EESD system that guarantees the well will be shut in within five seconds regardless of the size of the rig-up.

Automated well test separator

The three-phase automated well test separator (AWTS-AA) separates and measures the different phases of the well effluent without human intervention. The automation of the vessel's pressure and level controllers enables the trailer to maintain set point parameters and rapidly respond to process changes. Changes in lineup, set point, and process can be made remotely, or the full system can be managed autonomously to maintain safer, more efficient separation, even with changing well or process parameters.

The separator is equipped with Coriolis flowmeters on the gas, oil, and water lines, offering a significant advantage for monitoring various fluid types and delivering highly accurate rate measurements in comparison with conventional meters.

Both the automated well control module and the automated well test separator are equipped with remote-operated valves and pressure and temperature sensors. All elements of the control and acquisition systems are connected to the central data acquisition and control module (DACM).

The future of automated well testing

Expect more ways to optimize your operations as our automated well testing platform continues to expand.

  • Aggregates full wellsite data
  • Improves operational efficiency during rig-up and rig-down
  • Eliminates human response time, increases efficiency and safety
  • Minimizes HSE risk by removing personnel from exposure to multiple potential hazards
  • Lowers fugitive emissions
  • Derisks simultaneous operations