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Transfer Pump

Transfer oil from tank to burner or available flowline

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Reliable pumping for tank transfer or oil reinjection

The transfer pump is used to pump oil from a tank to a burner or from a tank to an available flowline. Typical applications are for

  • well testing surge tanks or gauge tank transfer
  • reinjection of separator oil into a flowline
  • pumping liquids to a tanker.

The default fitting with an explosion-proof electrical motor for Zone 2 operations can be replaced with a diesel engine for remote location operations.

Multiple technology options for your fluid applications

Gear, screw, and centrifugal pump designs are available to match the characteristics of your fluid and specific application.

Safety is built in to prevent overpressure conditions in the noncentrifugal models, which are fitted with a pressure relief bypass valve. The centrifugal models are self-protected. All pumps are shock-protected by a frame, and some are rated to DNV Standard 2.7-1.

Transfer Pump