Dampening tool increases ROP and drills 4,552 in single run

Middle East, Asia

An operator in the Middle East used the HFTO Suppressor™  dampening tool to reduce shock and vibration in a 5⅞-in section. The tool enabled the operator to drill 4,552 ft, the longest footage of all offset wells.

The operator wanted to reduce downhole shock and vibration and increase ROP and footage drilled. In previous runs, the operator used mud motor elastomers to mitigate failures related to high-frequency torsional oscillation (HFTO) in the RSS and MWD sections. When high bottomhole temperatures caused the elastomers to experience chunking within 50 hours of drilling and resulted unplanned trips, the operator sought a different solution.

SLB recommended the HFTO Suppressor tool, which absorbs and reduces HFTO downhole, minimizing the risk of BHA tool failure and enabling PDC cutters to stay sharp for faster, longer drilling. By optimizing drilling efficiency in challenging environments and improving BHA tool reliability, the tool eliminates trips and improves ROP and footage.

The HFTO Suppressor tool dampened HFTO and prevented damage to the BHA, enabling the operator to remove the mud motor and save trips associated with downhole motor failure. The operator drilled 4,552 ft, the longest footage compared with all offset wells with a single run. By eliminating one additional trip, the HFTO Suppressor tool saved 40 hours of NPT and USD 24,187 of operational costs, plus the cost of additional BHA tools.

Shock and vibration dampening tool increases ROP.
The HFTO Suppressor tool absorbed and reduced HFTO downhole, enabling the operator to drill the longest footage of all offset wells.
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