Tech Paper: Docking Perforating System with Integrated Real-Time Downhole Measurements | SLB

Docking Perforating System with Integrated Real-Time Downhole Measurements

Published: 03/26/2019

Schlumberger Oilfield Services

This paper presents field results of the first well perforating system integrated with a depth correlation and real-time high-speed measurements device. This tool acquires and transmits downhole data to surface in real time while perforating. The docking gun system with plug-in design improves operational safety, efficiency, and reliability, whereas downhole measurements help to obtain maximum well productivity by providing real-time downhole wellbore pressure, transient dynamic underbalance and/or overbalance for perforation cleanup and/or well stimulation.

The new perforating system consists of two main components: a docking gun system and an advanced measurements module. The docking gun system consists of a compact, plug-in, radio frequency safe, addressable firing system for single and multizone sequential perforating applications. The system eliminates port plugs and wellsite arming of detonators, reducing human error, and improving overall safety, efficiency, and reliability. The advanced measurements module provides high-frequency transient wellbore pressure, peak acceleration amplitude, and low frequency pressure, temperature, gamma ray, and active casing collar locator. These measurements enable real-time confirmation of downhole conditions before, during, and after perforating, with accurate depth correlation even in high chrome tubulars and large casing sizes.

This instrumented docking gun system delivered an outstanding field performance, adding value to operators by increasing safety, efficiency, and reliability while at the same time maximizing productivity. This instrumented gun system can be deployed with wireline, tractor, or electrical coil tubing. The new docking gun system design reduces human error and the risk of wellsite accidents and failures. With this system, we also maximize gun length deployment per run and operational efficiency. In addition, real-time downhole measurements of low- and high-frequency wellbore pressure allow optimization of perforating cleanup and stimulation, maximizing productivity and reducing the overall cost per barrel produced.

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