Copperhead Extreme HPHT Drillable Bridge and Frac Plug | SLB

Copperhead Extreme

HPHT drillable bridge and frac plug

3D render of Copperhead packer

Minimize risks of presetting and plug movement during multistage fracture stimulation

Use the Copperhead Extreme™ HPHT drillable bridge and frac plug to isolate zones during multistage plug-and-perf fracture stimulation even in high-pressure and high-temperature reservoirs that are likely to have high fracturing pressures. Alternatively, the plug can be configured as a bridge plug. It withstands multiple pressure reversals. Engineered antipreset features reduce your risks and costs while running using wireline, coiled tubing, or threaded pipe.

  • HPHT reservoirs
  • Vertical, deviated, and horizontal wells
  • Zone isolation during multistage stimulation

Increase reliability and facilitate millout

The plug eliminates presetting and withstands multiple pressure and temperature cycles to reduce rig time and costs.

A rotational lock mechanism prevents slipping or spinning during millout. Plug components can be drilled out into small, consistently sized cuttings, which are easily circulated out of the well; a specialty mill expedites drillout. A positive engagement clutch prevents spinning of the bottom sub on top of the next plug in multiple-plug drillout.

The plug is made of nondegradable aluminum material. When it is configured as a frac plug, the central bore is closed with a ball while the zone above the plug is fractured. The plug can be run with the ball in place, the ball can be dropped from surface when the plug is in position, or a caged-ball configuration can be used. One benefit of using a ball is to enable flowback from below the plug if required (e.g., to mitigate a screenout). The bridge plug configuration has a solid core that enables the plug to hold pressure from both directions.

A proprietary slip design keeps wickers from chipping or cracking in hard steel casing and slipping in softer steel casing, while an element backup system keeps the rubber element locked in place with no extrusion.