Digital ecosystem facilitates well intervention campaign during pandemic, yielding 1,885-bbl/d production increase

Published: 01/24/2023

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The objective

bp planned to enhance production and restore well integrity in five wells beginning in April 2020, but the COVID-19 pandemic limited the ability of some crew members to travel to or work on the Mungo platform.

The solution

SLB recommended a three-part solution to overcome the logistical challenges. SLB set up a self-contained 4G Internet system on the platform to provide connectivity. The use of ReSOLVE service tools was recommended to provide real-time monitoring, dynamic tool control, and verified downhole actuation. Finally, Performance Live service enabled the well intervention campaign to proceed despite COVID-19 challenges, which disrupted personnel planning, by providing remote expertise to supplement that of the SLB crew onboard.

Digital ecosystem helps overcome crew-mobilization challenges and results in a 4,000-bbl/d production increase
Working from Abu Dhabi, UAE, SLB Remote Operations Engineer Tim Osmond provides expertise to engineers on the Mungo platform in the North Sea during the ReSOLVE service tools runs.

“Having real-time support and monitoring proved invaluable to this campaign. SLB was able to reduce personnel onboard (critical for Mungo) via multiskilling but increase personnel onboard from an onshore technical support stance.”

Sarah Dallimore - Well Engineer Eastern Trough Area Project for bp

The results

When COVID-19 affected personnel movements, engineers working remotely were able to coach the field engineers in real time to safely and successfully complete the ReSOLVE service tools runs. Five successful runs with the active debris removal tool were performed, resulting in 100% sand recovery.

In addition, gas lift valves were successfully changed out using the anchor-linear actuator tool, and the engineer who performed the onshore system integration test was able to monitor and validate the offshore tool response in real time. In addition, the real-time surface readouts provided by the ReSOLVE service tools enabled key bp stakeholders to make timely decisions, which would not have been possible with the traditional slickline approach.

The successful wireline powered intervention campaign ultimately yielded an increase of approximately 1,885 bbl/d of oil.

North Sea, Europe, Offshore

The use of digitally enabled tools enabled bp to overcome crew-mobilization challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic and perform a successful well intervention campaign from the Mungo normally unattended installation in the North Sea. The combination of Performance Live digitally connected service, ReSOLVE instrumented wireline intervention service, and 4G Internet installation provided the limited crew with real-time monitoring and essential guidance from remote engineers. The successful well intervention campaign resulted in a production increase of approximately 1,885 bbl/d.

Technical details

For more information, read SPE-194279.

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