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ReSOLVE Family active debris removal tool

Efficient removal of wellbore debris


Built for precise debris control in the harshest environments

As a key component of ReSOLVE Family™ instrumented wireline intervention services, the active debris removal tool provides advanced cleaning performance in hostile well environments, including high-pressure, deviated, restricted-access, and sour-well conditions. Wireline deployment with precise measurements ensures targeted removal of debris without increasing bottomhole pressure. The advanced tool design provides real-time monitoring, dynamic tool control, and verified performance in well intervention operations. 

  • Debris removal
  • Obstruction clearing
  • High-pressure washing
Works with both the standard 3 1/8-in ReSOLVE™ instrumented wireline intervention service and the 2 1/8-in ReSOLVE iX™ intelligent extreme wireline intervention service
Compatible with TuffTRAC™ wireline tractor, TuffTRAC iX™ intelligent extreme wireline tractor, and WIReD™ wireline inline release device
Bidirectional PCP with real-time flow rate control
Customizable configuration based on debris type, size, volume, well geometry, and obstructions present
Wireline operational footprint and depth accuracy
Rated to 350 degF [177 degC] and 20,000 psi [138 MPa]

Advanced control to clear a path for increased production

Built-in sensors let the engineer monitor tool activity and progress while responsively controlling the tool. A staged approach helps collect a high volume and wide variety of debris in a single run. A built-in, reversible PCP lets you switch the flow to perform high-pressure washing in the same run—making it possible to free the toolstring, unblock the bailer intake, or stir up settled debris as needed.

Overall, the footprint, cost, and accuracy of this tool provides the ideal cleanout solution for most obstructions. The ReSOLVE Family active debris removal tool and cleanout components are easily configurable with a wide variety of bailers and bottom noses to ensure the best fit based on each well’s downhole configuration. For unique applications, such as spotting acid or placing a cement plug, dedicated engineering teams can help to design, qualify, and build a customized tool.

Resolve active debris removal graph 1
Comparison of flow generated by the ReSOLVE Family active debris removal tool's PCP versus conventional pumps.