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ReSOLVE Service Fluid Dispenser Test

Published: 04/18/2023

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ReSOLVE service fluid dispenser test
In a test performed at the SLB HCS Technology Center, cement was successfully dispensed from the ReSOLVE active debris removal tool bailers using a fluid dispenser kit. The tool’s piston and burst-disc design enable clear real-time log indications of a successful run downhole.
United States, North America, Onshore


ReSOLVE™ instrumented wireline intervention service


Hard scale or asphaltenes can create challenges for well intervention operations, which may be aided by spotting chemical solvents, acid, etc. Other operations such as well abandonment may require spotting cement. For all these operations, dump bailers are the standard solution. However, their effectiveness in dumping cement, or other fluid, to a target depth is inconsistent.

Dispensing fluids with confirmation at a target depth without premature release or contamination of the dispensing fluid is an operational challenge.

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