Tech Talk: Wellbore Debris Removal

Published: 03/09/2022

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Wellbore Debris Removal
Efficient vacuum removal of wellbore debris, no matter the particle type, size, or well complexity

Tractor and Powered Intervention Product Champion Ben Durand and Powered Intervention Tools Project Manager Steve Jeske speak to you from our Powered Intervention Advanced Engineering Center, just outside Houston. They discuss our wireline intervention solution for sanding and debris, such as proppant, metallic debris, and scale.

Here, we have the active debris removal tool. This tool is part of our ReSOLVE instrumented wireline intervention service and ReSOLVE iX extreme-performance instrumented wireline intervention service. It is deployed on wireline, so it only requires a small footprint at the wellsite.

Our active debris removal tool is designed to maximize debris recovery in any downhole environment, regardless of the debris type and size.

So how does it work? It uses the strongest progressive cavity pump in the industry, and its instrumentation enables you to monitor the cleaning progress as it happens. This unique reversible pump has improved performance compared with the industry's turbine standard. It enables high circulation pressures for vacuuming viscous fluid and cohesive debris, while maintaining high flow rates to recover fine debris.

The tool also has a configurable multistage bailer and bottom nose. It enables optimal collection of a wide range of debris type and sizes—from .05 mm to 1 in—in the same run. Viscous slurries and large solids are captured at the bottom, in the open bailer. Whereas fine solids are captured using filters at the top.

This is what we call intervention reinvented. We also have a dedicated application engineering team and domain experts to design any custom solution. Tell us about your sanding or debris challenges. And let’s work together to resolve them and enhance your production.

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