Tech Talk: How to Improve Well Intervention Results

Published: 03/09/2022

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How to Improve Well Intervention Results
High service quality and dedicated domain team enable better production performance

With increased focus on capital discipline and positive cashflow, well intervention is key to optimize your existing assets. It has been proven that regular interventions can enhance production by at least 10% with less carbon footprint. However, every intervention job is unique and requires the right approach to maximize your ROI.

Schlumberger has a dedicated powered intervention domain team with a global footprint and local knowledge. We work closely with the applications engineering team and local teams to improve service quality and your intervention results.

Since the domain center was formed, we have seen consistent service quality improvement and created more than 120 custom solutions in the last two years. This includes the development of fit-for-purpose debris removal and shifting hardware that took less than 2 weeks from design to job execution on a rig. That's exactly why the intervention domain team was formed, to

  • leverage digital capabilities for efficient service delivery and reduced risk
  • use combined expertise for quickly delivering custom intervention solutions
  • implement global return of experience for continually improving future operations—any time, anywhere.

Together, we ensure consistent, positive intervention results that enhance your production performance. Let’s talk intervention.

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