RLTP 650 Retrievable Thermal Hydraulic-Set Liner Top Packer | SLB

RLTP 650

Retrievable thermal hydraulic-set liner top packer

Liner Hanger
Rated to 650 degF [343 degC]

Isolate pressure communication in thermal wells

Maximize performance in your SAGD and thermal injection wells with the RLTP 650 retrievable thermal hydraulic-set liner top packer. This packer uses the unique conditions of the SAGD environment to energize a dynamic sealing element system—while providing fullbore access to the liner. 

Rotate and circulate into position, and simplify setting

The RLTP 650 packer is designed to match liner strength specifications and can be rotated and circulated to simplify reaching the desired depth. The fully contained deployment system mitigates circulation pressure interference in the setting sequence. 

Surface setting pressures are adjustable by manipulating the initial setup for the running tool. The packer is set by dropping a wiper plug and pressuring up on the workstring. 

The packer is designed to produce liner tip debris management throughout the life of the well with a dynamically qualified sealing element. It is capable of full tieback isolation and is compliant with NACE MR0175 for environments containing H2S. 

RLHP 650 Retrievable dual-grip thermal hydraulic-set liner hanger packer
RLHP 650 Retrievable dual-grip thermal hydraulic-set liner hanger packer