LHP 650 Thermal Hydraulic-Set Liner Hanger Packer | SLB

LHP 650

Dual-grip, thermal hydraulic-set liner hanger packer

Liner Hanger
Rated to 3,000 psi [21 MPa]
Rated to 650 degF [343 degC]

Maximize performance in challenging thermal environments such as SAGD and steam injection

Improve reliability in thermal conditions with the LHP 650 dual-grip, thermal hydraulic-set liner hanger packer, which has a proprietary nonelastomer thermal element to overcome temperature limitations of conventional packer elastomers in thermal applications (injection or production).

Rotate and circulate to simplify reaching the desired depth

Designed for wells that require high torque and axial loads for placement, the packer is designed to match liner strength specifications and can be rotated and circulated into position to ensure it reaches the intended depth.

The one-piece integral mandrel, nonelastomer element, and dual-grip, full-circle slips ensure maximum performance for in situ thermal applications such as SAGD and cyclic steam stimulation. It is compliant with NACE MR0175 for environments containing H2S as well. 

The packer simplifies intervention as well, having been tested for well tractor transition from the intermediate casing through the packer and into the liner without a slave string. 

LHP 650 Dual-Grip, Thermal Hydraulic-Set Liner Hanger Packer
LHP 650 Dual-Grip, Thermal Hydraulic-Set Liner Hanger Packer