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Collet running tool

Liner Hanger
Torque rated up to 140,000 ft.lbf [190,000 N.m]
Tensile load rated up to 2,036,000 lbm [923,500 kg]

Run COLOSSUS liners and release without rotation

The collet running tool (CRT) is a hydraulically released running tool that requires no rotation to be released from the liner, thereby making it suitable for applications with high-inclination wells. The clutch and premium tool joint connections permit high-torque rotating and drilldown capabilities throughout the liner system. When a rotational liner hanger is deployed, the CRT also enables the liner to be rotated after the liner hanger is set.

The CRT also has a backup mechanical-release mechanism to ensure its release from the liner.

Simplify running with high-pressure liner top packers

The CRT is used to run liner hanger systems that use the PV-0 high-pressure V0 liner top packer or the setting adapter, such as the cemented or uncemented liner hanger system. The setting string assembly comprises a CRT, a slick joint, a cementing packoff bushing, a liner wiper plug adapter, and an extension to connect to the running string. A packer dog assembly can also be included if an LTP or PV-0 packer is run.

The tool helps reduce the risk of premature liner release and enhances well stability and safety by adding backlash protection. It also minimizes completion time and improves zonal isolation by enabling liner rotation while running into the well and while cementing.

CRT Collet Running Tool
CRT Collet Running Tool