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Solid-body mechanical-set liner hanger

Liner Hanger

Reduce costs for nonrotational liner hanger applications

The SBRD solid-body mechanical-set liner hanger is designed for vertical and onshore wells where the workstring can be manipulated to set the hanger. Its solid-body construction maximizes reliability and minimizes lifetime well costs while delivering the performance ratings you need.

Hang light- to medium-weight liners with minimal casing stress

The SBRD comprises the hanger body or mandrel, one or more sets of cone pads, slips, and a cage assembly to carry the slips. The cage contains a J-slot and drag springs. When the liner reaches the target depth, mechanical manipulation of the hanger body moves the cage J-slot from the running position to the setting position, bringing the slips into contact with the cones. A gauge ring protects the slips while the hanger is run into the wellbore. Multiple cone designs minimize stress in the supporting casing.

SBRD solid-body mechanical-set liner hanger
SBRD solid-body mechanical-set liner hanger