Scale Inhibitors

Additives to control scale buildup in clear brines

Clear brines in laboratory

Prevent scale from blocking fluid flow

M-I SWACO scale inhibitors are applicable in most clear-brine completion fluid systems to deter calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, and barium sulfate scaling.

Products in this line include

  • SAFE-SCAVITE II phosphonate-base advanced calcium scale inhibitor—an organic acid that inhibits scaling and mitigates formation damage. It is soluble in most water-based fluids, including calcium chloride and calcium bromide completion brines, enhancing operational flexibility.
  • SAFE-SCALE PRO specially formulated divalent brine scale inhibitor—designed to improve scale control in completion fluids. It is suitable in all types of brines, packer fluids, and P&A fluids and is useful only when a risk of scale deposition is likely to occur.
  • SAFE-SCALE X completion fluid additive—designed to prevent scale growth in seawater and monovalent brines. The additive should be used where scale deposition is likely to occur in workover fluids, packer fluids, or plug-and-abandon fluids.
Scale inhibitors with worker in lab