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Delivering Digital at Scale

Making better decisions faster—connecting data, people, and ideas to the latest digital technologies from project to enterprise

Woman giving a presentation to a crowd in an auditorium
Woman giving a presentation to a crowd in an auditorium
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Reshaping the way that business is conducted to do more with less, and better

Oil and gas has been a lagging adopter in the digital realm. Digital adoption reduces the long and complex planning cycles inherent in the energy industry, and using AI-supported analyses drives performance, improving decision making.

How do we close the information divide across all industries without compromising security?

devices per second are being connected to the Internet for the first time. (Source: McKinsey, 2018)
of organizations use AI in their workspaces. (Source: Gartner, 2019)
in average revenue growth and cost savings in companies that do a complete digital transformation. (Source: BCG, 2022)

Explore how digital enables our SLB solutions and domains

Digital Forum 2022: Connecting for a new future

A look back at our greatest forum, as the new future begins. Explore the plenary sessions, daily articles, technical presentations, and the latest digital solutions showcased in Lucerne, Switzerland.

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Our partnerships accelerate the pace of innovation in our markets

Through close collaborations with some of the world’s leading technology pioneers, we empower our customers with fit-for-purpose cutting-edge technology that is seamlessly integrated into our digital solutions.

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Customer success stories

Creating value at scale, connecting people to data, automating decision making, driving down cost, and lowering carbon. Read more about our customer success stories.

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Living Digital Series
Transform oil and gas performance and drive decision making at speed.
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