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Precision tubular cutter

Land rig in the desert.

Clean-cutting simplicity and efficiency

The PowerCutter tubular cutter, which can be run in all types of fluid environments, including dry gas, is used to sever tubing or casing to allow recovery of the upper tubular sections in a wellbore. Applications include retrieving casing before abandoning a well or cutting tubing when it cannot be pulled out of downhole hardware in older wells.

This revolutionary cutter is also ideal for tailpipe cutting because it cuts tubing without the need for overpull on the pipe. The PowerCutter tubular cutter can cut through corroded, scaled, and plastic-coated pipe; therefore, no string shots or cleanout shots are required prior to pipe-cutting operations. This feature saves rig time and reduces operation costs.

A pipe cut with PowerCutter.
PowerCutter, precision tubular cutter.

Applying the same principle as a shaped charge for perforating, this innovative cutter uses an explosive charge that sends out a 360° radial explosive jet. The PowerCutter cutter provides the simple, efficient operation of an explosive jet cutter and a clean, smooth cut, with minimal swelling, that is comparable to the best cuts made by chemical cutters.

This innovative tool eliminates the HSE risks associated with handling chemicals after a chemical cutter is returned to the surface. PowerCutter cutter operation risks are similar to those associated with an ordinary perforating job, and because anchoring is not required, the possibility of sticking in tubing is greatly reduced.

Additionally, the PowerCutter cutter is rated to 204 degC [400 degF], whereas chemical cutters suffer reliability problems at temperatures greater than 126 degC [258 degF].