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Process optimization

Transform equipment and facility operations with new generation digital solutions. Leverage AI and data-driven insights with solutions that can optimize performance, reduce OPEX, boost throughput, and enhance reliability

Process Optimization
Process Optimization

Online digital twins are enabled for processing equipment and facilities—providing customizable optimization workflows with automated insights to reduce OPEX, increase throughput, and decrease energy consumption.

A range of subject matter expert (SME)-led process optimization and uptime assurance services integrate with digitally enabled equipment, in collaboration with OEM experts, and maintenance to enhance asset life cycle management.  

  • Automated optimization, enabling significantly enhanced opportunities for optimization.
  • Solutions that focus on user experience, making them accessible to junior engineers and non-experts.
  • Models are kept evergreen providing significant savings on engineers’ time.
  • Solutions deployment and ROI is significantly faster than traditional process simulation solutions.

Solutions can be deployed rapidly and customized with ease, scaling quickly across your assets and across your organization. They can also be easily customized, with multiple digital twins and optimizations being performed.

Integrated AI capabilities are augmented with physics-informed AI—a breakthrough fusion of physics-based simulation and process data for the real-time optimization of complex systems.

Results can include:

  • Up to 80% CO2e and power consumption reduction.
  • 10s of millions USD production losses avoided.

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