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Subsea Equipment

Industry-leading, reliable systems that increase recovery for the life of your field

Subsea equipment

Reaching new dimensions in subsea reliability

From subsea trees and landing strings to ESPs and more, Schlumberger technologies and services lead the industry in reliability, safety, and performance. Our history includes developing the first and largest subsea ESP field in the South China Sea, the first ESP installation in ultradeep water offshore Brazil, and the industry’s first in-riser operating system certified to IEC 61508 SIL 2 reliability specifications.

Plus, our 24/7 advising and monitoring services help you pinpoint and deploy production-enhancing opportunities in real time, so you can effectively and efficiently increase recovery over the life of your subsea asset.

Subsea Landing Tree Service.
OneSubsea equipment


Innovative technologies, systems, and alliances for increasing subsea production and recovery.

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Maximize production and recovery with systems customized for your application's unique challenges.

Efficient, reliable access to any subsea well over the life of your field.

Subsea Valves, Chokes, and Chemical Injection Metering Valves

Industry-leading valve technology that meets the demanding requirements of subsea applications – for shallow or deepwater, subsea trees or manifolds.

The Cameron Subsea Valve Center of Excellence was founded in 1979 as the RING-O subsea valves manufacturing facility, with a focus on the design and production of gate, globe, and check valves for severe service applications.

Subsea production and pipeline transmission are considered critical service applications for valves because of the high pressures, extreme temperatures, and remote location of the equipment. Today, we offer a range of ball valve sizes and pressure ratings qualified to meet the demanding requirements of subsea applications.

Subsea Valves
  • Cutaway of the RING-O subsea ball valve
    Subsea valve

    Withstand the external pressure caused by the column of seawater at operating depths. View

  • Insertion of low-flow PULSE CIMV subsea.
    Low-Flow PULSE
    Ultrasonic chemical injection metering valves

    Inject low-dose inhibitors effectively. View

  • Insertion of medium-flow PULSE CIMV subsea.
    Medium-Flow PULSE
    Ultrasonic chemical injection metering valves

    Mitigate hydrate formation with methanol or regenerated MEG. View

  • 3D render of yellow subsea component PULSE CIMV.
    High-Flow PULSE
    Ultrasonic chemical injection metering valves

    For ultrahigh-flow MEG and methanol requirements of large gas projects. View

  • Subsea choke actuator cross section.
    Subsea Choke Actuators
    High performance for every purpose

    Reduce erosion problems and ensure positive flow. View

  • Yellow subsea valves against a blue sky.
    Subsea Applications
    Active and passive pressure-compensation systems

    Withstand high pressures and deep water depths with MAXTORQUE products. View

  • Deepwater and shallow-water LEDEEN actuators.
    Subsea LEDEEN Actuators
    Control and actuation of subsea valves

    Choose from double-acting or spring-return designs for shallow or deep water. View