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SLB Harnessing Geothermal Energy

Tap into Earth's heat as a reliable, sustainable resource.

SLB Harnessing Geothermal Energy
SLB Harnessing Geothermal Energy

24/7 energy—ready to be tapped

It’s projected that by 2050, two‐thirds of total energy supply will come from wind, solar, bioenergy, hydroenergy, and geothermal.* Of these, geothermal energy—the heat beneath our feet—is the only resource virtually unaffected by available land, weather, and seasons. That's continuous, reliable energy. But for it to be a viable and accessible energy solution at scale, technology innovation and sound knowledge of Earth's subsurface, both shallow and deep, is key.

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*IEA (2021), Net Zero by 2050, IEA, Paris


Full steam ahead toward reliable energy

SLB uses innovative science, engineering, and know-how to deliver geothermal energy solutions worldwide—all by leveraging Earth's natural heat, either near the surface or miles deep underground. These solutions range in application, from heating and cooling buildings to power generation, and more. And with a focus on energy sustainability, localization, and security, geothermal energy is a reliable solution to balance emissions reduction goals with energy access and security.

We have 50 years of experience advising the geothermal power industry, with involvement in 80% of all operating projects worldwide.
Our technology for heating and cooling buildings reduces operational costs by up to 40% while reducing greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90%.
We have decades of experience constructing and producing from geothermal wells, leveraging digital and advanced tech to reduce risk and improve ROI.
Why SLB for geothermal energy?
We have a long history in understanding Earth's subsurface, in innovating technology, and advising the geothermal industry. We leverage this expertise to deliver geothermal solutions that are affordable, local, and reliable, with small surface footprints.
Services that cover the spectrum
Supplying sustainable, reliable energy for the future starts today by using proven technology and expertise. Our geothermal energy solutions cover a wide range of geothermal development.

Full-spectrum geothermal power resource development—from power plant design and construction to maintenance and operational support

Ground source heat pump systems that can cover 80% to 100% of thermal comfort needs for buildings while saving energy costs

Enablement for district heating and hot-water supply

Innovative mix of SLB hardware and digital solutions designed specifically for optimizing your geothermal project

Let's redefine what's achievable.

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    Geoenergy for Heating and Cooling Buildings
    Using shallow wells to supply our thermal comfort needs

    Heat and cool buildings while reducing CO2 emissions by up to 90%. View

  • Geothermal power generation
    Geothermal Power Generation
    Meeting the electricity demands of the future, sustainably

    Generate reliable electricity by tapping into hot water and steam zones. View

  • digital solutions for ccus
    Digital Solutions for Low Carbon Energy
    Digital solutions helping plan and deliver geothermal, hydrogen and offshore wind projects

    Diversify your energy portfolio with full spectrum geothermal solutions, leading facility design for hydrogen production and advanced site characterization workflows for offshore wind. View

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