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Celsius Energy delivers 60% reduction in energy consumption

Published: 05/19/2021

Schlumberger Oilfield Services

Clamart, May 19, 2021 – Today, Celsius Energy, a Schlumberger New Energy venture, officially presented the final piece of its first demonstrator located in Clamart, France. The tour of the structures, designed by recognized French designer matali crasset, was attended by Schlumberger CEO Olivier Le Peuch. The new design structure of the Celsius Energy installation in the Schlumberger Technology Center symbolizes the city of the future, connected to the Earth, for sustainable heating and cooling and low-emissions energy consumption.

The first installation of the Celsius Energy demonstrator has been in operation since December 2020, replacing the 60-year-old building’s heating and cooling setup with a renewable geoenergy source. The new Celsius Energy system has already delivered a reduction of 60% in energy consumption and 90% in carbon emissions related to the heating and cooling of the building, which hosts 200 employees working in technology development activities.

About the Celsius Energy solution

The innovative Celsius Energy solution for heating and cooling buildings can be installed in new or existing infrastructure. As seen in the new installation, one of the system’s distinctive features is its closed-loop design in a star shape layout. The unique design of the Celsius Energy solution allows an installation that maximizes the subsurface energy exchange while requiring a minimal surface footprint.

The Celsius Energy solution not only allows a reduction in a building's energy consumption but also reduces CO2 emissions by 90% compared with gas. By requiring only a small surface footprint, providing a modern installation design, and utilizing a renewable source of energy for heating and cooling, the solution increases the real-estate value of properties. This has not failed to attract the attention of many real-estate property owners with a commitment to sustainability.

“The Celsius Energy solution has received several recognitions for its design and innovation,” says Cindy Demichel, CEO of Celsius Energy. “Around 500,000 m2 of buildings are currently under study for the installation of Celsius Energy systems in different industries for companies of various sizes and with differing infrastructure capacities. There is a lot of interest for an ecofriendly solution for energy consumption and emissions reduction from companies that have clear goals to support the energy transition and achieve net-zero targets.”

The Celsius Energy solution not only reduces a building's energy consumption but also CO2 emissions by 90% compared with gas.

The expansion of a green solution

In dense urban areas, large campuses, and remote locations, the Celsius Energy team has been busy working on feasibility studies for installations of its system. The current feasibility studies of the Celsius Energy solution include installations in buildings of real estate, entertainment, and construction industries as well as in academia.

“We are extremely proud of the success of the Celsius Energy venture—an idea that was nurtured in one of our Technology Centers, by an amazing team of innovators, and now is expanding as a solution to many types of business with a drive to a more sustainable future,” says Olivier Le Peuch, Schlumberger CEO.

Engineering and digital integration

Another great advantage of the Celsius Energy solution is the integration of all system data into a digital experience that gives complete visibility of the system operations and performance. The digital enablement of the Celsius Energy solution allows building owners and facility managers to have access to their data for energy consumption, emissions reduction, and source and distribution of heating and cooling energy in real time.

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