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Decarbonizing Industry
Working together to abate emissions
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The path to net zero

Decarbonization is complex yet critical. We need global tech solutions that can be adopted today, at scale, to cut emissions strategically.

How do we start and accelerate the journey to meet your sustainability commitments?

of total oil and gas industry CO2e emissions are related to methane venting and fugitive leaks. (Source: IEA, McKinsey, 2020)
of global energy-related emissions come from electricity generation. (Source: IHS Markit, 2022)
7 Gt
of CO2 must be sequestered per year by 2050. Currently, only 0.04 Gt is sequestered. (Source: IEA Net Zero Scenario, 2021)
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Navigating new frontiers

Join us at the SLB Digital Forum 2024 to learn how the union of human ingenuity and technology offer extraordinary opportunities for greater efficiency in today’s energy systems, while enabling a transition to tomorrow’s.

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