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Decarbonizing Industry

Working together to abate emissions

A man in blue coveralls working on a VX Spectra in a stand
A man in blue coveralls working on a VX Spectra in a stand
Robot arm in a manufacturing facility

The path to net zero

Decarbonization is complex yet critical. We need global tech solutions that can be adopted today, at scale, to cut emissions strategically.

How do we start and accelerate the journey to meet your sustainability commitments?

of total oil and gas industry CO2e emissions are related to methane venting and fugitive leaks. (Source: IEA, McKinsey, 2020)
of global energy-related emissions come from electricity generation. (Source: IHS Markit, 2022)
7 Gt
of CO2 must be sequestered per year by 2050. Currently, only 0.04 Gt is sequestered. (Source: IEA Net Zero Scenario, 2021)

Our solutions that help make the journey to net zero possible

Scaling decarbonization through partnerships

Schlumberger Chief Strategy and Sustainability Officer Dr. Katharina Beumelburg discusses forging partnerships across industries, sharing knowledge, and working toward solutions together to accelerate innovation and create mutual value for a decarbonized future.

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Schlumberger and Aramco to collaborate on digital sustainability solutions for hard-to-abate carbon industries

Schlumberger and Aramco have announced plans to collaborate and develop a digital platform that will provide sustainability solutions for hard-to-abate industrial sectors.

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Olivier Le Peuch on digital’s role in the low carbon energy future

Olivier Le Peuch has been both a witness and a participant in the industry’s digital evolution over his thirty-five-year career at Schlumberger. Today, as the company’s chief executive officer, he sees digital as a great “accelerator” for the industry to address the dual energy access and climate challenges the world is facing.

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