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Pipe Recovery and Remedial Services

Solutions for recovering casing, drillpipe, coiled tubing, and tubing

Land rig in the desert.

After the free point is determined, stuck pipe can be loosened by using an explosive backoff or cut with severing or colliding tools.

Well completions can be recovered by using mechanical, explosive, electrical, or chemical cutters. The tubing can be cut in several places but usually above the packer so that the packer can be milled and fished.

PowerCutter precision tubular cutter

With no moving parts or chemicals, the PowerCutter precision tubular cutter is the preferred approach for delivering clean cuts of tubing and drillpipe in all fluid environments, including dry gas. By employing the same effective principle used in shaped charge perforating, the PowerCutter cutter simplifies operations and improves safety and reliability.

Additional services

  • Chemical cutters—Chemical cutters provide a clean cut for severing coiled tubing, drillpipe, and tubing when explosive and mechanical cutters are not an option.

  • Mechanical cutters—Mechanical cutters are used to effectively cut casing, coiled tubing, drillpipe, and tubing when explosive or chemical cutters are not an option.

  • Severing, colliding, and split-shot tools—Severing and colliding tools contain high explosive loads to rupture and split heavyweight drillpipe and drill collars for pipe recovery.

A Schlumberger employee preparing the PowerCutter to be lowered in a well.

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