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Reamers and stabilizers

Purpose-specific tools for soft and sticky to hard and abrasive formations

Illustration of the Rhino RHE dual-reamer rathole elimination system downhole.
Schlumberger worker reviewing data on monitor while performing testing on reamers and stabilizers.

Reamers and stabilizers for every formation

Our array of reaming and stabilization tools are purpose-built for use in a variety of formations, from soft and sticky to hard and abrasive. The aim is to ensure efficient and cost-effective wells, regardless of the application.

Our offerings

Torque-reduction sealed-bearing roller reamer

Dual-spiral, tapered design with synthetic DEIs

Dual-diameter drift and drill reamer

Dual-diameter near-bit reamer

Improve performance while enhancing borehole quality

Purpose built for performance in hard or abrasive formations

Single-piece tool for reaming and stabilization

Minimize torque, reduce damage to the hole wall, and ensure maximum fluid circulation