Shell Eliminates Need for Extra Cleanout Run in MPD Well, South China Sea

Published: 04/21/2020

Concrete blue texture
Renderings of Rhino XS2 reamer (left) and Rhino XC reamer (right)

Cutaway view shows the Rhino XS2 full-cycle expandable reamer (left) and the Rhino XC on-demand hydraulically actuated reamer (right). Both had a deactivation option that enables full circulation rates without block deployment while in casing or pulling out of hole. These reamers enabled Shell to drill and enlarge the wellbore by backreaming out of hole while reducing rathole length by 83%—eliminating the need for an extra cleanout run. The well was delivered with zero service-quality incidents involving the Rhino XS2 and XC reamers.

Brunei, Asia, Offshore

Sections completed with Rhino integrated borehole enlargement system

Pilot hole size by Rhino system opening size
16 1/2 in × 18 in (cement)
16 1/2 in × 20 in
14 1/2 in × 16 in
12 1/4 in × 13 in
10 5/8 in × 12 1/4 in
8 1/2 in × 9 1/2 in
6 in × 7 in

12,000 ft


Shell needed to conduct a detailed drilling and contingency program to perform managed pressure drilling (MPD) of the HPHT Rapong offshore exploration well. Planned mud weight was 17.8 lbm/galUS [2,133 kg/m3].

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