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SLB Methane Elimination

Remove methane emissions and flaring from your operations. For good.

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Knowing where to start

Managing methane emissions is new for many industries. An avalanche of technologies, vendors, regulations, cost curves, and data raises uncertainties about which technologies work best for your particular asset, operations, and business economics.

You're not alone—we can help.

End-to-end emissions identification, reduction, and elimination

Plan. Measure. Act. Reducing methane emissions requires scaling solutions as far, as fast, and as cost effectively as possible.

This is where we can help.

Working together, we can leverage existing technologies and available tools to fix what is readily fixable. And then, together we’ll tackle the challenges that require more time and effort.

We’ve rigorously evaluated more than 100 methane monitoring technologies and field tested more than 25 of them.
We’ve invested significantly in satellite and drone measurement technologies.
We’ve created and launched our own methane and flare efficiency instruments.
We’ve developed a robust, powerful, fit-for-purpose methane digital platform.
Four reasons to use our solution
We’re the only player in the industry looking at the full emissions technology picture for you. And we can deliver.
Services that cover the spectrum
Our methane elimination services cover the spectrum end to end. We monitor emissions from satellites, drones, or on the ground, do the field work to repair leaks, install low-emitting equipment, and implement technology to convert gas into valuable products. Everything comes together in our purpose-built digital ecosystem that gives you a single, secure place for all your emissions data. This drives new understanding, insights, collaboration, and opportunities for continuous improvement—all to cut methane and flaring quicker.

End-to-end methane elimination advisory services

Continuous methane emissions monitoring

Facilities audits to find root causes of methane emissions

Leak repair and installation of low- or no-emission equipment

A purpose-built digital platform for all your methane emissions reduction activity

Viable alternatives for gas that would otherwise be flared or vented

Dive deeper
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    Eliminate Methane and Flaring Emissions
    Decarbonize operations by addressing large sources of greenhouse gases

    Start with a plan, the right technologies, and a partner you can trust. View

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