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Production chemicals software & automation

Optimize chemical injection by leveraging innovative edge intelligence, cloud-based visualization, and autonomous data-driven actions

Production chemicals software and automation

Acquire an unparalleled perspective that enables timely responses to optimize your chemical programs

We provide a suite of digital products, tiered to meet any operational requirement and expectation. From data integration and distribution to fully remote or autonomous chemical injection, your chemical program status is always current, contextual, and available on demand. This is achieved through innovative edge intelligence, cloud-based visualization, and autonomous data-driven actions.

Our standardized digitalization approach is applicable to single-well operations, large facilities, and across multifield and global enterprises. Its foundation is data, your single most valuable asset. Acquisition and preservation of source data, identification of information gaps, and real-time collaboration are the fundamentals of this approach. SLB production chemistry digital solutions provide unparalleled perspective, enable timely response, and pave the way to chemical program optimization.

Products and Services

  • Chemical management software
    Integrated chemical management system

    Removes administrative tasks from your team with chemical data management software. View

  • Abstract SLB key art of Production chemicals optimization on DELFI for ESP
    Production Chemicals Optimization on Delfi
    Real-time monitoring, analysis, and autonomous chemical injection optimization

    Monitor at 1-minute frequency to optimize ESP corrosion protection and run-life extension. View