ChemWatcher Integrated Chemical Management System

Removes administrative tasks from your team with chemical data management software

ChemWatcher integrated chemical management system: hero image on web page

Real-time information to optimize performance

ChemWatcher™ integrated chemical management system is a cloud-based chemical data management software that presents complex information intuitively, supporting and augmenting decision making.

The system provides perspectives of your operations on both micro and macro scales to quickly identify issues that require attention. Through surveillance and analytics, continuous active management of all key aspects of your production chemical treatment process is achievable. Data-driven insights produce alerts and recommended actions, enabling a management-by-exception approach. Time-consuming manual processes are replaced with automated information consolidation and rich visualizations that foster accelerated decision cycles.

Truth in data

The ChemWatcher system can receive and process data from virtually any source, whether obtained via manual data collection, automated data capture, or laboratory reporting. It can also easily connect to any SCADA-enabled sources using open platform communications, web services, telemetry, and more. Combining automatic data capture, field observations during treatment application, and laboratory reporting ensures that all data is considered in context.

Power of visualization

Results are presented via fully customizable dashboards, and the system ensures that the information you require to monitor the health of your operation is timely, accurate, and actionable. A full suite of executive, operational, and analytical visualizations are preconfigured, based on years of experience with chemical management data, offering instantaneous analysis and decision support. We also work with your team to develop any additional views that are required to supplement your workflows and streamline your operation.

A customized dashboard generated by ChemWatcher integrated chemical management system on an FPSO.

Operator Improves Management of Chemical Treatments in Diverse Geographies and Saves 80–100 Hours/Month

Prompt availability of processed data optimizes operations and frees up skilled professionals for more productive tasks.

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