Operator Improves Management of Chemical Treatments in Diverse Geographies and Saves 80–100 Hours/Month

Published: 04/04/2022

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Manual reporting procedures hampered chemical treatment efficiency

An operator has several assets in the North Sea and offshore West Africa. Historically, the management of critical operational and performance data related to extensive chemical treatment programs was a manual and time-consuming process. This was largely because multiple data types—including laboratory analyses, production volumes, asset integrity monitoring results, inventory status, and chemical usage—were collected daily but stored in disparate locations. Every month, 450 separate reports (15 per day) had to be compiled into a single consolidated report for analysis. The process consumed 80–100 hours/month and because of its manual nature, it was inherently prone to errors.

Moreover, by the time the monthly report was available, it was too late to take proactive decisions on key operational issues. The operator wanted to optimize the production chemistry data management process to ensure timely availability of reliable information and reduce decision cycles.

Automated, centralized system provided rapid data processing and access

Schlumberger proposed using its cloud-based ChemWatcher integrated chemical management system, which enables active management of all production-chemical-related field activities. Ingestion of data from multiple sources and in various formats enables contextual analysis, augmenting the near-real-time remote monitoring of operational status. Interactive and customizable visualizations of system data provide full visibility into the performance of the chemical treatment program, enabling data-driven insights, rapid anomaly detection, and proactive asset management.

Diagram of implementation methodology used to streamline offshore chemical treatment management.
Implementation methodology used to consolidate 450 reports into 20 dashboards.

A collaborative project was launched by the operator and Schlumberger. A model of the operator’s facilities was created in the ChemWatcher system, automated data acquisition was set up, and dashboards were built per customer requirements. The platform stores and manages data from multiple sources in a centralized environment. Robust validation processes for all ingested data prevent erroneous data from entering the system, enabling correction of errors before data is available for end users. Operator, Schlumberger, and authorized third-party personnel are able to view critical information via web-based dashboards that provide a single source of data in a collaborative workspace. A bespoke online training program was created to ensure that personnel in all locations were able to maximize the benefits of the new solution.

A customized dashboard generated by ChemWatcher integrated chemical management system on an FPSO.
Example of customized dashboard, displaying evergreen key performance indicators (KPIs) for one of the operator’s FPSOs.

Operator reduced costs and improved performance while eliminating time spent on manual data processing

With the ChemWatcher system, a single data repository and customized dashboards provide total visibility for tracking performance, chemical usage, inventory, and costs in near-real time. The system has enabled the operator to optimize information management, reporting, and communication processes by

  • transforming 450 manually compiled reports from multiple sources into 20 dashboards that are updated automatically as soon as new data is available
  • providing a centralized system to manage current and historical chemical data from all platforms and FPSOs
  • enabling 24 /7 access to always current data for making proactive decisions, avoiding production disruptions, and reducing costs by optimizing chemical injection
  • simplifying the knowledge transfer process
  • furnishing the ability to track compliance with environmental regulations.
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Streamlining the analysis of production chemical treatments and providing 24/7 data availability via the cloud enable timely actions to optimize performance and minimize environmental impact.

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