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Stationary energy storage solution

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Stationary storage

Energy storage solutions are crucial to the energy revolution

Businesses and consumers alike are influencing the accelerated growth of renewable energy. The world is rapidly moving to renewable sources of energy, especially solar and wind power. But when the sun doesn’t shine and the wind doesn’t blow, the need for a steady and reliable form of energy remains.

Solar power chart 1 solar power chart 2
Solar power production vs. consumption: The graph shows the daily solar generation cycle and the daily energy demand with two clear peaks, forming what is known as a "duck curve." Solar power production vs. consumption plus battery storage: Battery energy storage systems help to flatten the duck curve by discharging power at the time of the day when it is most needed. This balances energy supply and demand.

That’s where SLB comes in

Building storage for the clean energy revolution is what we do. Powered by EnerVenue, we are deploying a leading technology solution for battery energy storage systems (BESS) globally. Wherever you are, we are expanding the solution to your industrial and grid-scale energy storage needs. SLB stationary energy storage solutions are built to last, guarantee energy access, and save costs.

Battery storage tech built for your needs

We are the first to introduce aerospace-proven, metal-hydrogen battery tech to the energy transition, giving you a reliable, affordable alternative to stationary energy storage. Designed and proven in extreme conditions, our scaled-up renewable energy storage matches whatever needs you've got.

EnerVenue’s nickel-hydrogen battery technology
EnerVenue’s nickel-hydrogen battery technology makes a breakthrough in catalyst design, introducing this durable and reliable technology to the mass market. The technology uses a highly reversible redox reaction to ensure no net consumption during round trip charge or discharge reactions. This enables the batteries to remain maintenance free throughout their installation life.