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Process Live

Data-enriched performance service

Process Live data-enriched performance service

Optimize the economic performance of your production network and process facility―from point source to enterprise level. Process Live data-enriched performance service leverages the support of OEM domain experts with a full system view that can reduce your costs while improving your profits.

Optimization for process performance and uptime

Process operations rely on complex hardware and software systems to ensure optimal hydrocarbon processing and reservoir pressure support. Equipment failures, often stemming from inlet stream changes or degradation, lead to production deferment and unscheduled maintenance that detrimentally affect operation economics.

Traditionally, the industry has managed process equipment performance with scheduled maintenance that may not reflect rapidly changing source hydrocarbons or operational conditions. There is a step change in the industry tied to economics and environmental impact drivers. Operators increasingly need more in-depth equipment and process optimization using OEM knowledge and expertise.

Process Live data-enriched performance service

Protect today's operation. Build a better tomorrow.

An end-to-end service to suit your process and economics

Process Live data-enriched performance service is a multifaceted offering for uptime assurance, process optimization, and greenhouse gas (GHG) control. It integrates digitally enabled equipment, collaboration with OEM experts, and maintenance to enhance asset life cycle management.

Digital outline of an Orbit valve
Process Live Uptime Assurance for valves provides real-time insights and alerts on valve integrity to schedule maintenance, reduce unplanned downtime, and mitigate risks to people and the environment.

Uptime assurance and prognostic health management 

The first level of service focuses on equipment uptime assurance with data-driven condition-based monitoring and prognostic health management algorithms that give you actionable insights to help you optimize process equipment performance. We also embed automation algorithms to optimize the performance of your equipment. For example, at a North American facility that produces heavy oil, when the facility base sediment and water (BS&W) changes, the system automatically adjusts the oil treater unit voltage and frequency relationship to ensure on-spec throughput.

The digital solution also aggregates IIoT sensors to monitor and predict the health of critical valves—enabling the failure prediction and rapid remediation, saving millions in operational downtime and equipment repair.

Watch this SPE Tech Talk with Schlumberger’s Mahyar (Matt) Mohajer and Marcus Rossi discussing how a collaborative approach to asset performance can be enhanced both through and beyond digital.

SPE Tech Talk

Beyond Digital—Driving Production Performance Through Collaboration

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Process optimization and adaptive operations

The second level of service eliminates equipment downtime from your process. This is where we embed data-enriched models of your whole process into a digital avatar to deliver truly dynamic process optimization. Facility models are connected to the production network to provide rigorous fluid modeling from the sandface to the point of sales and proactively manage flow hindrance issues to reduce the cost of production deferment. In one gas processing facility, data-driven models are used to ensure the uptime of acid gas membranes. Specific optimization workflows are implemented to ensure on-spec throughput, adapting operating parameters to the process gas composition and membrane condition.

Person holding a tablet giving a digital readout on the NATCO Dual Frequency Electrostatic treater
Customized algorithms optimize an oil treater power unit. When facility feed BS&W changes, the system automatically adjusts the unit voltage and frequency modulation to ensure on-spec throughput.

Greenhouse gas (GHG) control and plantwide emissions management

Secure your license to operate with Process Live GHG Control emissions reduction service, combining sensors and digital twins from single-point valve fugitive emissions detection systems to plantwide comprehensive emission detection, modeling, and analysis. While managing operational efficiency, the system embeds connected leak detection sensors to control unintentional release of environmentally undesirable gas or vapor, also known as fugitive emissions, from your operations. GHG emissions reduction service helps you manage fugitive emissions that can contribute to unplanned downtime, reduce revenue, and detrimentally impact your environmental stewardship.

Distributed IIoT sensors detect a wide range of emissions from sources such as valves and storage tanks. Process modeling enables comprehensive emissions analysis so you can rapidly identify and remediate process problems to minimize environmental impacts.

Our plantwide, comprehensive emissions detection, modeling, and analysis system will help you achieve your environmental stewardship goals.

Processing plant with a blue sky Processing plant with an infrared filter showing the fugitive emissions
Process Live GHG Control monitors your facility or wellsite for gas or vapor emissions, enabling rapid remediation and monetization of the escaping product.
Process Live Service: GHG Control
Manage gas emissions by proactively mitigating leaks while cutting costs of product loss or regulatory impacts.

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