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Innovating in Oil and Gas
Improving performance in the oil and gas industry
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Rethink what oil and gas can do

As the bedrock of the energy transition, oil and gas remains an important part of our energy mix today. That’s why we need innovative solutions to drive performance and decarbonize operations.

What potential is there to access the energy we depend on now in a better, cleaner way?

5 Gt
of CO2 equivalent per year generated from the oil and gas industry (Source: IEA, McKinsey, 2020)
increase in well intervention days, while production only grew by 10% over the same period (Source: Rystad Cube, 2022)
improvement in unconventional project drill rates, with only an 18% improvement in conventional projects (Source: Rystad Cube, 2022)
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Navigating new frontiers

Join us at the SLB Digital Forum 2024 to learn how the union of human ingenuity and technology offer extraordinary opportunities for greater efficiency in today’s energy systems, while enabling a transition to tomorrow’s.

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