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Relief intersection and ranging services

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Relief is Coming
K&M Technology Group's relief well service helps reduce risk, increase safety, and maximize efficiency.

K&M Technology Group, a Schlumberger company, is a leading drilling engineering consulting group that uses science-based engineering approaches to plan and execute relief wells to reduce risk, increase safety, and maximize efficiency while minimizing geological risks. Our phased approach includes

  • planning
  • locating and following the relative position of the relief well to the blowing well
  • approaching blowing well with optimized drilling operations
  • intercepting target to gain hydraulic communication
  • performing dynamic well killing.

The combination of K&M Technology Group and Schlumberger provides industry-leading engineering, geomechanics, survey management, operational support, magnetic ranging, and well control services. The outcome delivers relief wells in the most efficient manner available.

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K&M Technology Group

With over 30 years of experience in extended reach, horizontal, and complex wells, K&M Technology Group is built to solve the industry’s most challenging drilling problems.

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