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Autonomous robotic inspections

Acquire visual, thermal, and acoustic data and air quality measurements to enhance safety and increase facility uptime

Image of an inspection robot and an operator in an oil and gas process facility.

Improve your productivity while enhancing safety and sustainability

Whether your challenge is equipment and process uptime; data acquisition, quantification, and interpretation; personnel safety; or carbon footprint reduction, our autonomous robotic inspections can help. As they patrol your process facility, FPSO, or offshore platform, these robots continuously inform your asset performance management system in real time with contextualized, quantified, and synchronized data.

Autonomous Robotic Inspections
Autonomous visual, thermal, and acoustic inspection expands your digital insight for achieving higher facility performance sustainably and securely.

Detailed data analysis with retrofit or custom design

The data is analyzed and used to generate (and subsequently update) a digital twin of your facility in real time. By filling gaps in instrumentation and data, you can generate additional insights into the health of your equipment and facility and provide critical information for your asset performance management solutions.

As acceptance of robotic inspections grows and the technology evolves, onshore and offshore facilities will be designed for such automation. Existing facilities can be retrofitted to accommodate robots (e.g., by replacing stairs with ramps).

How we can help

Decreasing permanently installed instrumentation, detecting emissions faster, and potentially reducing size, personnel, and logistics will lower capital expenditure, operating expenses, and environmental impact. These savings are especially significant on offshore facilities, such as FPSOs, where the financial and environmental effects of accommodating personnel on board and transporting them back and forth can be significant.

Operating issues can be detected before they escalate and lead to shutdowns or HSE incidents. Predictive, condition-based maintenance is also more cost efficient. Freed from mundane and repetitive data collection, your teams have more time to focus their expertise on generating greater value for your operations.

We have been working with multiple providers to integrate their robot hardware with our digital technologies and provide you with advanced solutions. Leveraging our extensive experience in building, operating, and maintaining process facilities, we can also undertake turnkey projects, if required, to make your site "robot friendly." Deployment and commissioning support is available for initiating robotic inspections and integrating robots with your existing operations. SLB can also assist with subsequent robot operation, maintenance, and repair.

Wide range of robots and sensors

Multiple types of robots with various sensors (payloads) enable acquiring data, including photographs, from diverse locations without disrupting operations, while minimizing personnel exposure to hazardous locations and confined spaces. Different sensors can acquire data simultaneously and data collection is more consistent. Robots are immune to the tedium of repetitive tasks that can lead to human errors.

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Evolve your FPSO performance

Digitally connect your total asset journey from reservoir to topside to continuously maximize value, minimize environmental impact, and create a new level of performance for your FPSO.

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