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SLB Carbon Capture and Sequestration

Accelerate your path to net zero with flexible, reliable, collaborative, and cost-effective solutions across the CCUS value chain

3D Abstract Image for Carbon Capture Sequestration Hero Solution
3D Abstract Image for Carbon Capture Sequestration Hero Solution
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There is no path to net zero without CCUS

Carbon capture, utilization, and sequestration (CCUS) is essential to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions. And it is one of the few decarbonization mechanisms that is technically viable today. But the challenge lies in feasibility. Often, high costs, operational risks, and complexities navigating the value chain stall CCUS project development.

There’s a path forward—and we can help.

Propel your project with end-to-end solutions

We partner with you to assess, develop, and operate across the entire CCUS value chain. This includes project economics, technology selection, flexible business models, carbon capture, sequestration, monitoring, and more. Through partnerships and our wide portfolio of CCUS solutions, we’re able to deliver CCUS at scale to reduce your costs and risks.

We provide fit-for-purpose solutions—from modular to holistic.
We streamline workflows across the project value chain.
We collaborate to deliver CCUS at scale.

Ensure project integrity with a trusted partner

We have more than 100 years of experience in understanding rock formations and designing and constructing wells. And for over 20 years, we’ve partnered in more than 100 CCUS projects around the world for various industry sectors. This unique know-how enables us to develop innovative, integrated CCUS solutions to ensure the success of your project.

Make things simple

Simplify processes across the value chain, from project feasibility and site evaluation to development and operations.

Minimize costs

Accelerate final investment decision. Achieve the lowest capture cost per metric ton of carbon using creative chemistry and process technology. Develop reliable sequestration sites—on time and on budget.

Mitigate risks

Ensure injectivity, capacity, integrity, and containment of long-term CO2 sequestration.

Tackle CO2 emissions with industry-leading CCUS technologies

No matter your industry, we’re developing, adapting, and applying innovative CCUS technologies. We’ve deployed digital tools and sophisticated sensors to improve your operations. This includes using automation, artificial intelligence, and comprehensive data management to create new levels of efficiency and performance.

We’ve pioneered an advanced technology portfolio that specifically supports CCUS operations across every phase of your project.


Capture carbon. Treat the gas.

Select and design sequestration site.

Construct high-quality wells for long-term integrity.

Monitor CO2. Verify performance. Assure regulatory compliance. 

Together, let’s redefine what’s achievable for your operations
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