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Carbon sequestration construction

Depend on SLB to maintain the integrity of your carbon storage for the future

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We build powerful infrastructure that lasts

One of the biggest factors in the success of your carbon storage is the integrity of wells.

We pull from decades of experience in reservoir management and well construction to create wells with staying power. We use the latest in digital technology to plan, execute, and monitor storage site construction and performance.

From an innovative cementing system to specialized hardware, our solutions are customized to your needs and ready to withstand the highest pressures, temperatures, and corrosion.

Our products and services

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    Well Construction

    Trust your CCUS well to the trusted leader in drilling. View

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    Wellheads & Tree Systems

    Well control equipment and expertise you can count on for long-term storage of carbon. View

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    Well Integrity Evaluation

    Putting trust behind your carbon storage. View

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  • Schematic of 5-zone well for CO2 injection and a monitoring well with a 5-zone intelligent completion.
    US Department of Energy and ADM Optimize Carbon Sequestration Using Multizonal Intelligent Completion

    Real-time monitoring and control with modular completion equipment and Optiq fiber-optic solution. View

  • Optiq Seismic solution seismic data
    Fiber Optics Improves Subsurface Understanding for a CCS Project

    Optiq Seismic solution efficiently acquired data across four wells using both multimode and single-mode fiber. View

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SLB Carbon Capture and Sequestration

Accelerate your path to net zero with flexible, reliable, collaborative, and cost-effective solutions across the CCUS value chain.

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Featured product

  • CO2 durability test reactor
    CO2-resistant cement system

    Mitigate the risk of CO2 degradation and leakage when cementing new CO2 injection wells or plugging and abandoning existing injection or production wells. View