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Valves for CCUS

Proven valve solutions for CO2 capture, utilization, and sequestration

Rendering of a B8 Grove valve, suitable for CCUS service.

Why choose SLB valves for CCUS?

Our broad offering of valves spans the full range of applications from CO2 capture through processing, transportation, and eventual utilization or storage.

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Valves in CO2 Service | Challenges & Solutions

With the increasing focus on CCUS, understanding the challenges to equipment, such as valves, in new or repurposed piping systems is critical. In this SPE Tech Talk, our expert discusses both challenges and solutions—including materials selection and valve certification—to help ensure long-term valve performance in CO2 piping and infrastructure.

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CCUS: A path to mitigating carbon emissions

CO2 is one of the greatest contributors to global warming, and capturing it is key to preventing large amounts from entering the atmosphere. It can be transported and handled in a gaseous, liquid, or supercritical (dense) phase, all necessitating special attention to valve and seal materials. Presence of contaminants can cause the fluid to vary from noncorrosive to highly corrosive and must also be taken into account. Leverage our proven products and decades of experience to address these challenges with confidence.

Photo of SLB operator in a plant with valves and piping.

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